1967 Marshall JTM 45/100 Watt Super Bass Rare! Once in a lifetime find!!

定價 $12,950.00


Hey Gang,

Here's the story. First off, why pay $23k? Even if you can find one...A friend of mine south of the border had this amp and was trying to get it fired up, but he gave up. So he sent some pics and I said "damn"!! Where did you get that thing? He said he's had it forever and asked him if he wanted to part with  it. We worked something out and I received it. First off, I had to get a back cab panel. So what I did was take the back panel off my '73. Then I had the correct levant send to me from England and recovered the back panel with late 60's levant. The cab has the original levant. The cab wasn't in to bad of shape, so I glued and screwed wherever it was needed. The front panel is the early dark moss green levant with original logo. The back itself is same material darker which is my fault. I went a little crazy on the BH. The thin gold piping around the both ends of the cab have been replaced. Try and find that stuff. Gold indeed!!! It has the ever rare aluminum plate with the aluminum chassis. Original Plexi front and back. Ok, now for the chassis. Power transformer, output transformer and choke: from Chris Merren. Made from English steel. The brilliant Steve Langlois: Re-built entire power supply including new board, top hat diodes, filter caps and wiring. Re-built bias circuit including filter caps. Remove and replace old power transformer with the Chris Merren power transformer, output transformer and choke. Parts: Power board (old style), power diodes (6 top hats), power board filter caps (7-30mf@500v). 1-05mf@1600v, 2-bias filter caps (10mf@100v)1- preamp filter cap (multi section)33/33mf!450v. 2-fuses 500ma, 2 amp. A set of original old EL84 Tesla's. Old Brimar and Mullard pre-amp tubes. A few things. Once it was completed by Steve, I took it to Chris for the final go ahead. So few of these were ever made. I was lucky to score this one. Good to go...! finally. I've had tons of Marshall, but nothing that quite sounds like the. We ran it through a '68 4x12 and it like a lion with a silk scarf on. If you catch my drift. Plus, it's as quiet as a mouse piss'in on cotton five mules away!