"BH" Guitar Polish

定價 $110.00


Now you too can “put the BH on it!” 

We all know what happens if you use to much polish on a fine guitar. Especially a vintage Gibson or Martin. It clouds up and takes forever to remove. I have been detailing guitars for many years and when I'm finished, they ask "What did you use?" I just tell them, "I put the "BH" on it" meaning, plenty of elbow grease and four different products. Now, with this new product, it is a one step, no brainer. 

DIRECTIONS: First, try a small test area. Wipe it on, wipe it off. It will not fog or cloud on vitage nitro-cellulose laquer. If you can find a better product, call me, because I've tried them all and mine is THE BEST GUITAR POLISH IN THE WORLD!! 

Thank you, Gary "The Big Hern" Hernandez