1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard

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Hey Gang,

Beyond rock solid player here. A 1995 Wine Red Standard in great condition. The owner took exceptional care of his guitar.. Not a lot often lol  Wine Reds Standards around. It weighs in at 9.4lbs. Not only is it a damn Les Paul, but its got that 90's thickness to it. Combine that with the glassy top and you end up with so much studio horsepower in your hands you know what to do with it. Like our old sister Recording model, we ran this red beauty through our Sears and had quite the moment. Unreal sounding jazz chords and blues licks. Phenomenal alternative rock rhythm tones. An absolute staple in any recording studio. And of course this thing could level any stage from the clubs and pubs to Madison Square Garden.It's one chunky monkey, but still manages to stay sleek and sexy. And that red is something else.. You'll be needing a Les Paul, and if you have one, you'll be needing a 90's one. It won't disappoint. If you need any further info on the Les Paul Standard, feel free to contact us, we usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH

Hey Gang, 

First off, we had to bisect this thing to get it up and running, therefor it is not 100% original. We did what we had to do. Replaced all electrolytic caps in the pre-amp section. Check all tubes and installed set of good old stock EL84' power tubes. Reset bias to accommodate fresh power tubes. Cleaned all tube sockets, pots, plugs and switches. Cleaned voltages and tolerances, amp functions. Installed a hole cover plate on back of chassis. It does kick ass. The attack on this thing. The sting. The punch. What a violent little guy. Explains the gator skin... because this thing bites and bites hard. Rich high end. Incredible natural overdrive. Built for some good old rock n roll. An aggressive player with some classic flare. Now let's go over to the bass channel. A bit of an SVT Classic vibe on the mids and high mids. A little more classic dirt on the lows and highs. Very cool blend. Used by the Beatles, Page, Pink Floyd, and more. 50 Watts of pure magic. She's beat beat, but cost effective... If you need any further info on the Bassmaster Fifty, feel free to contact us. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH. 

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