Fender Tube Reverb Tank Bundle Pack

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Hey Gang,

 These tanks are legendary. Most popular reverb out there and it's for a reason.   Perfect for precise studio tracking or to crank and rock the clubs. Even between the two '64 Blackfaces. Whatever attitude you've got, this verb will compliment perfectly. Unique little spices and flavors in each one. What's famously consistent throughout is their richness and clarity. Hard to find both in one place at the same time when it comes to reverb tank, folks. From the metallic choir like tones of the Bicentennial marching band vibe to the spring of the 64', your melodies, chords and solos are sure to cut through. These verbs are full and lush. And incredibly responsive. They won't disappoint. If you need any further info on the Fender Tube Reverb Tank Bundle Pack, feel free to contact us. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH. 


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