Fender Telecaster 1981 One Owner w/HSC Maple Neck

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Hey Gang, 

      Another Tele from my friend with the '74 blonde Tele I just listed. This is a black '81, also with a maple neck. This one weighs in at about 9.25lbs. Same story as the blonde. Life on the road has ended. Has plenty of road wear!! This has a bit of a different bite to it. I would say it's a bit brighter! Hey, throw some 9's on her, run her through a Marshall 100 watt half stack or a candy panel AC-30, and you can't go wrong! Or your favorite boutique. This has just as much mojo as the blonde '74 we got from him... Give either one a ride and best of luck choosing between...! Both killer guitars. If you need any further info on the 1981 Fender Telecaster, feel free to contact us. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH

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