Fender 1960/'63 Telecaster

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Wow...! Crazy Fender times...! The certificate reads  '60 Telecaster NOS. SN. R90908 Fender Custom Shop. Director Custom Shop Tom Montgomery. The Shop Floor Traveler reads 1963 Relic Telecaster. SN. R90908... So something I never do is call Fender. I talked to a great lady by the name of Kelsey, who happened to be the Gear Adviser. She was so cool. We went through both the Certificate and the Shop Floor Traveler and the SN's were exactly the same. She did admit Fender does screw the pooch sometimes (her exact words) but not to often. But she says that's a cool thing. So there you have it. And she's happy to take your phone calls. So we have one of one. A Faded Shell Pink 1963 Custom Shop Relic. Now that's what Fender said. It does not include Tele Customs and or different models or years. Ok, her we go. An alder body, maple neck and rosewood board, 9.5 radius. Original Custom Shop Case with all the Fix'ins... She's a Tele of old in tone and feel. You will not be disappointed in this guitar. If you'd like anymore info on this Tele, please contact us as we usually get back the same day... Thanks, BH

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