1951 Gibson Cherry/Maroon ES-300 with Gibson L-5 Neck Originally White with Bound ES-300 Headstock

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Hey Gang, Ok, where do I begin? A year ago or so I made a 5 or 6 guitar purchase from a guy who called me out of thin air. He never really told me about this one, and if he did I may inadvertently spaced it out. So a few weeks ago the dude calls me and sends some pics...! I'm pretty good at what I do but this one befuddled me. Gladly, I pulled the trigger...and here's what I got. A maroon (as it stated on a real, real old thin piece of paper in the case candy compartment that states it was originally white. Which I will load up first on the week. It's a 1951 ES-300 refinished in maroon over the original white...!! It gets even wilder. It has a Gibson L-5 neck and scale with the bound ES-300 headstock. It has mid 60's P-90's, P-90s covers, RI. guard and may be an original knob or two. I do have the original case. We shot it in the wrong case. We also will add a pic of the S.N. tag.  It play wonderfully and a real eye catcher from miles away. HANG TIGHT. MORE INFO ON IT'S WAY.