Gretsch 6120 Country Gentleman

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Hey Gang,
I need a little help on this one. It came in from an acquaintance of mine who does some work on my cars. His uncle passed away and he ended up with some of his guitars. So I buy a Gretsch 6120. Now here's the deal. I go to detail it and to my amazement as I pull the pickguard off, you can see what I found. First off, if you were going to get an autograph, it would be on the body of the guitar for all to see or you put your signature or markings somewhere on it so you can ID if it happens to get lifted...! I've been on the horn for days trying to get some info on the guitar to no avail. I finally find out what the CGP stood for. Certified Guitar Players. It was a group of guitarists Chet admired that had to be anointed by Chet that he had played with and were some of the finest pickers in the land. Tommy Enmanuel, Steve Wariner, Jerry Reed, John Knowles, Paul Yandell and I think Mark Knopflor. So here I am with an amazing guitar and cant' find any history. Do not take the advertised price as being accurate, But as you can see it in excellent condition and There's so much soul in this guitar. You can just feel it...! If any one could reach out and throw me a bone I would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me concerning this 6120. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH

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