2008 Les Paul Jimmy Page Custom Shop

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 Yes! Just in. There are a limited number of these up for sale out there. Some fair, super nice. Please take a good look at ours in the detailed pics. It came to us real clean, but I still had to put the "BH" on it. It took me about 3 to 4 hours to really make divine. Virtually, all are guitars leave this shop with my special attention. You can see the difference, better yet, you can feel the difference once you get it in your hands. So, please take your time, check them all out and have fun making a choice.
 These are a special Limited Edition LPC Shop, with 500 pieces made. It is my favorite Gibson Custom Shop..! I like the weight at 9.98 which isn't too bad. For some reason the others for sale do not state the weight. Come on people!...it's only a LPC and that's how they roll. I love the neck with it's 1 & 11/16th inch nut. The Triple Pick Ups, the 6 way switch is just killer. Real nice gold plated Bigsby, which I'm a big fan of. The push-pull pots are a plus. Hey, there are a lot of great things going on with this guitar. I know they're high digit, but well worth the money.  We love to wheel and deal because we make it fun and unforgettable..! 

 If you need any further info on the Les Paul Jimmy Page Custom, feel free to contact us. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH


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