1971 Fender Deluxe Reverb

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Hey Gang,

  Classic is an understatement here. More like world famous. The bee’s knees. The shit. Pardon my French, but she’s just so versatile and strong, and I swear the tone just ages like fine wine. It can twang if ya want, it can surf if ya want, and it can all out rock. Just slowly roll off the bass and pick your lane. She stays classy and sweet.. but crank her.. and that thick glittery punch will knock you into next week. Plenty of head room… a splash of tasty dirt with loads of body and phenomenal clarity. This thing is a workhorse. The total package for any need. Some killer vibrato. If ya want to turn the verb up past 5 or 6, bring your floaties.  Snorkel. Beach towel maybe. No food an hour before hand. You’ll be swimming. If you need any further info on the Deluxe Reverb, feel free to contact us. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH.


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