1960 Vintage Rickenbacker

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Hey Gang, Go ahead! Scream! A long suspenseful story to tell about this deal at a later date. A super, super rare 1960 Rickenbacker 4000 Fire-Glo bass. Here's the deal. It came from the original owner who lives on a 65 acre farm and a quarter mile for his mailbox on the main road. I purchased a new case for it as the non-original existing one was pretty tatty. When we got we knew the wings on the headstock had separated slightly, so all we had to do is add a minor bit of hide glue, clamp together and a job done. I'm sure it separated whilst sitting in a case for over 40 years. There was also a fissure at the back of the neck that was so minor we almost just said F it, but we decided to address it. Perfecto mundo. It also has the thumb rest moved to south side of the street. I've never seen one in the flesh and have always wanted one. As they say. Hard to come, hard to go! I almost lost out on this Ricky, but I guess the stars were aligned that day and the Big Guy knew I needed some fuel... BH


If you need any further info on the 1960 Rickenbacker, feel free to contact us. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH

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